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Pro Street Corvettes, LLC

Pro Street Corvettes

Announcing the Pro Street Corvettes, a new company that builds several versions of the popular 1957 Corvette. As the web site states "this is NOT your daddy's Corvette!"

The Pro Street Corvettes come in two base models, "The Beast" and "The Son of The Beast". The Beast offers among its many features a Retro ZL1 all-aluminum 427 big-block engine. For "The Son of The Beast" the engine is an al-aluminum 427 small-block.

Each of these car models can be built to a customer's wants and needs. In other words, a customer can have a street drivable version of either car, or perhaps a more competitive version such as a drag race only model, Bonneville Salt Flats racer, or road rally cars.

You can read more about Pro Street Corvettes at their new web site available using the following link:

Pro Street Corvettes, LLC

Take a look around their site and you will see that these 1957 model Corvettes they produce are anything but your daddy's Corvette.

Are you a 'do-it-yourselfer'? You know, the kind of guy who isn't content with driving or riding what everyone else is. Do you want your ride to look the way YOU want it to look instead of what everyone else is driving?


Have you ever wanted to put your personal touch on your ride but you don't have the know how to followCheck out our promo video

through with it?


You can now learn the art of chopper and custom auto body work from the pros of Pro Street fame. Our classes are geared towards those desiring to learn how to build their own chopper or perform their own custom car or truck body work.


Each of our companies, Pro Street Customs and Pro Street Choppers now have resources available for students to obtain the real hands on training required to build a chopper or to perform basic custom paint and body work.


Each class is limited in size and taught by professionals who have each been in the profession 20 years or more each.


Take a look at our "More Info" page and the "Classes" for more information on these exciting fields. Don't put of your future plans until 'you get around to it'. DO IT NOW!


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